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Questions and Answers

Can I sail this boat single handed? 

The Bembridge One Designs can be sailed single handed by an experienced helm but most people race with two adults.   The boats can also be raced with three on board. 


Can children go on these boats?

These boats can be a safe and fun crewing experience for children with some sailing experience and in the right conditions.  The main cockpit has relatively high sides so the boat is safe, and there are plenty of tasks that can be performed by a child probably over the age of about 8.    The helm will need to be reasonably confident to do this - sailing with another adult as well can be a good option.  


How long do races last? 

Races generally last around 90 minutes, so that the whole experience from being taken out to the moorings, rigging up, starting, racing and then de-rigging and being brought back to the sailing club takes around 3 hours. 


How do people get to the boats? 

On racing and organised cruising days, the Bembridge Sailing Club boatmen ferry all helms and crew out to the boats.  In general, people who plan to sail meet at BSC around 1-1/4 hours before the scheduled start time, although it is worth checking on the BODA Whatsapp group (please ask for details if you would like to join!) for exact timings. 


Where are the boats kept? 

The boats are kept on the moorings directly in front of Bembridge Sailing Club inside the harbour from Easter to the beginning of July, and then moved out to moorings at Under Tyne (off  Bembridge Beach) for the peak months.   In strong Easterly storms they are sometimes brought back in over the summer.   



How can I get involved if I am not a boat owner? 

If you would like to get some crewing experience, please join the BODA Whatsapp group and let us know.  We will make sure that one of the boat owners follows up with you.  If you would like to helm, there is on BOD available for rent for summer 2023 by the day or by the week.  You would need to be a reasonably experienced sailor to take this option.  If you are interested please contact Sarah Marshall on 07788 446876 via Whatsapp.  


Is it possible to buy a share in a boat? 

Several of our boats would be happy to take an extra syndicate member so we are always interested in hearing from people who are interested.  Please contact Susie Beart (the class captain) if this is an option you are interested in. 

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