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The Bembridge One Design class flag is Naval Numeral 8, a vertical blue stripe on a yellow background.  Racing can be windward / leeward using laid marks or around Bembridge Sailing Club and Brading Haven Yacht Club racing marks.  Charts of the racing marks are available in the BSC office and boats usually have one on board.


Arrive at the BSC at least 60 minutes before the scheduled start, or 45 minutes if from Under Tyne (the beach opposite the moorings).  The committee boat, usually ‘Sea Breeze’, will fly an orange flag and should be positioned on the starboard end of the start line. Course boards will be displayed on the stern but the race officer will also announce the course on VHF channel 77.  Orange boards indicate round to port, green to starboard.  Diamond course boards indicate the number of laps.  At the finish, the committee boat will fly a blue flag and it will normally be positioned at the starboard end of the line.


The starting sequence at the BSC is 5-4-1-go.  Class flag up at 5, P flag up at 4, P flag down at 1 (accompanied by a whistle) and class flag down at the start.  X is displayed if any boat is over the line.  A penalty is one 360.  Two short races per session are common but one long course can be set particularly where trophies are involved.  Always remember to thank the race officers!  For more information go to 'Racing guidance' under the Sailing tab in the main menu.


Certain days or weekends are set aside for team racing and briefing / coaching is provided.  The umpires will help with the rules on informal days.


All BODA members are required to carry out race officer duties at least once a year and it is important to be familiar with the racing rules.  The chandlery sells copies and rules update sessions are held annually at the BSC.


Refer to ‘Useful Links’ for the BSC Sailing Instructions and the Racing Rules of Sailing.

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