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The senior or more experienced sailors decide the sail plan for the day but you can choose to use smaller sails if you prefer.


Lifejackets or buoyancy aids must be on the boat for all crew members and it is compulsory to wear one if the Y flag is flown, or if you are sailing single handed.  The race officer is entitled to prohibit sailing single handed in adverse conditions by displaying code flag V and/or an announcement on VHF radio.


Go to the BSC Sailing Instructions under ‘Useful Links’ for more information.


A handheld VHF radio is required for race management and safety calls.  All helms using marine handheld VHF radios will need an operator’s license. The short-range certificate (SRC) can be obtained by attending an RYA course and passing a simple exam at an approved training centre. The BSC runs this course; ask in the office for details


We use VHF channel 77 for race management and contacting the  committee boat, usually ‘Sea Breeze’. Channels M2/P4 for ‘BSC launch’, ‘Bembridge base’ (BSC), ‘Haven base’ (BHYC) and ‘Seaview deck’ (SVYC). Use channel 16 for emergencies and MOB.  Remember to use the proper procedure, everyone hears you!


MAN OVERBOARD – it happens!  It is vital to keep your eyes on the MOB. Issue Mayday then call ‘Sea Breeze’.  Repeat Mayday if you get no response.  You can always cancel Mayday when danger to life no longer exists.

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